Phil's 92 Tour & Beyond

A tour of all the clubs that ever played in the Football League


In January 2006, I filed out of Ewood Park, after a goalless draw with Bolton and set off on my quest to visit the other 91 Football League Clubs. By October 2017 I had arrived at the last of these, fittingly in the town of my birth, Oldham, with my team, Rovers the visitors. The journey was always enjoyable, despite it including the depths of despair for my club. Revisits for new grounds and new clubs to the League, will of course ensure it never really ends.

The website captures the many highlights of my tour, on and off the field.  



It's been a great way of meeting up with old friends and fully experiencing each town, its football club and its culture

It's a tour dedicated to sport, the diversity of the nation, the uniqueness of every town and its people, to good company and good beer.

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     Fitting Finale                    

 Sat, 14th Oct, 2017

  League One

   Oldham Athletic 

           v                                             v                                                                                                  

  Blackburn Rovers





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Role of Honour -  tour guests

                    Phil C


                    John W



                    Steve H

                    Rona,John and Stuart


                    Ria and family

                               Steve C and Sharon


                    Phil K and sons

                    Nige and family

                    Tristan and Gareth

                     Steve U

                     Martin and Cheryl



                     Colin and Julie



                 Emily & Student Friends

                      Megaphone Men

                      John B



                      Martin & Richard 



                                           Judith, John 




...and apologies to those whose names I've forgotten