Phil's 92 Tour & Beyond

A tour of all the clubs that ever played in the Football League

The Fans


 I have travelled away with Accrington Stanley, Man City, Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End, Nottingham Forest and FC United. My main teams though, have been......

Crawley Town  the team of my eldest son  - it was great to see a team I watched in the Southern League as a young man, gain entry to the League and do so well

Oldham Athletic the team of my late Father, my uncles and cousins - the best away fans I came across - what would they be like if they actually had something to shout about !

Blackburn Rovers the team that became mine in childhood. As I watched their all too predictable demise I got to  know and admire some dedicated fans on the Rovers coach. Not the sort who jump around and shout like those Latics fans but these people take fanaticism to another level - in addition to all the first team games, they watch the U-23s and youth team, both near and far, accumulating a wealth of knowledge about the club and the players along the way.




Top Chants

Of the 100s I've heard here are my favourites 

Please note swearwords are blanked out - x**x!

        Matt Taylor, you're so good you can

          *!*! my wife                                 



        1 - 0 to the Sheeps**!!*!s



       We're not really here



       S*!t ground 3 - 1

         LUTON TOWN


       Your saint's a Turk, your Queen's a Krout, you've not got much to

          shout  about

          WREXHAM to Border Rivals Chester


       Shoes off, if you hate Burnley



        NGog NGog ....NGog NGog NGog

        He tucks his c**! into his sock

        NGog NGog NGog

        BOLTON WANDERERS              


        -  He's better than Sean...Bradley Wright-Phillips,

           he's better than Sean



          -  You dirty Northern Bxx!!rds         

              PLYMOUTH to Exeter fans


         - WEST COUNTRY SPECIALS at Exeter

         -  We are Exeter ; ooh aar !  and ... Cider....



         -  How sx!* must you be, we're winning away



           - We can see you sneaking out  

              This was the only time one of our party started off  chant, when Dan 

              led Rovers fans in berating Liverpool supporters, whose team were so 

              bad they failed to beat Steve Kean's dreadful team


           -  We can see you sneaking in

               CRAWLEY fans to their colleagues delayed by a motorway crash



            -  Jason Puncheon, he craps when he likes

              SOUTHAMPTON sang this when Puncheon disappeared quickly down

               the tunnel, returning after a brief interlude


             - Ranieri Oh Oh Oh ...

                He comes from Italy, He buys Pizzas for tea

                Leicester City 


               - We know what we are,

                  Scumbags from Crawley, We know what we are 

                  Crawley Town 




            The Kop in full flow


         The Chip Butty Song -  Sheffield United

         Forever Blowing Bubbles - West Ham

         Blue Moon - Man City 

         Delilah  -  Stoke (we particularly like the way they did the laugh)

         Boing-Boing  -  West Brom

         Pompey Chimes  -  brief but unique

         Land of Our Fathers - Swansea

         Hi - ho Wolverhampton

         Keep right on til the end of the road  -  Birmingham

         On the Ball City - Norwich, surely the oldest song in football

         Blue is the colour - Chelsea 

         You'll Never Walk Alone - Liverpool

         Z Cars - Everton, also Watford

         Blaydon Races - Newcastle

         Glad All Over - Crystal Palace

         Men of Harlech - Cardiff City

        Post Horn Gallop – teams run out to this at Leicester there is no singing

         Goodnight Irene – the club song of Bristol Rovers rang out loud and clear

         The Scarf my Father Wore – Stockport County

         The Sky Blue Anthem – Coventry City

         The Captain Pugwash theme rang out when Fleetwood Town scored

          Marching On Together – Leeds United

          Oh When the Spurs, go Marching In – sung in slow style

          The Wheelbarrow Song – Notts County

          City Ground (Mull of Kintyre tune) – Nottingham Forest

          No one Likes Us, we Don't Care - Millwall

          Wild Rover - our own Rovers    





        WORST SONG


         Miller Men   -  Rotherham

This was a dreadful ditty made into a record to promote the Millers' fight for survival when they were thrown off their ground in 2006